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System Features

SysFreight is a complete solution designed for freight industry by the experts in both IT and freight industry with over 15 years of experiences. It aims to computerize and optimizes the operation, accounting and management by using of the latest technologies and our professional services.

The features of SysFreight include:

  • Impressive GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    GUI greatly improves the efficiency of data entry. User can easily complete an entry in just a few clicks and feel in control of the system. However, for those who still prefer the use of keyboard, fear not because could operate without the use of mouse as well.

  • Outlook-like Menu (Professional Menu)
    Now user can enjoy the same interface that are used in some of the prominent applications e.g. Outlook or Lotus Notes. With our new professional menu, the user can easily and quickly locate their records stored in the database. It works the same way as a file cabinet to search the file (record) by label (the key information) and then open the file (click the record) for more details.

  • Sophisticated Search
    Auto Search
    It is an intelligent and handy utility. It provides an on-line search simply entering the first few characters and then the system will locate any matched records promptly. It is similar to the MS Explorer search.

    Express Search
    It is a complete search function to locate a record when user does not know the actual key value but only knows certain information such as descriptions of the key field.

    Advance Search
    An ultimate search tool normally used in large database. It can filter any unmatched record and deliver the accurate records immediately to user.
    Note: Both the Express and Advance search are customizable via a comprehensive dialog box.

  • Customizable Functions
    Most of the built-in features e.g. search, menu and reports are easily customizable by the end user. Besides, our parameters are tailored to meet the dynamic business requirements and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our customer's business.

  • Customizable Reports and Documents
    Users can customize any report based on their requirements using our report generator. With our communication features, all reports can be converted into other format or media. Customers can also purchase any third party report generator e.g. Crystal Report Designer to design their reports or documents. Furthermore, our experienced consultants would render their processional services and assistance anytime to customers for complicated reports and documents.